Will Ferrell, Jon Stewart Crack Jokes At The Comedy Awards

'The Golden Globes celebrate comedies every year — comedies like 'Burlesque' and 'The Tourist,' ' Andy Samberg points out to MTV News.

If there were an awards show to celebrate the very best in comedy, you'd probably want Will Ferrell and Adam McKay there on the red carpet riffing about how "The Other Guys" was snubbed at the Oscars and now finally their genius is being recognized.

"I was with Will during the Academy Awards, and he slowly got drunker and said, 'What about my kind?' " you'd want McKay to say.

"I kept saying, 'It has to be nominated! It has to be on there!' " Ferrell would answer.

"And I said, 'Will, we know ahead of time if it's going to be nominated," McKay would respond.

And Ferrell would shoot back, "'No, tonight's going to special! They're going to announce a secret nomination.' "

Here's the funny thing: There is such an awards show — Comedy Central held the first annual Comedy Awards on Saturday night — and that exchange is exactly how Ferrell and McKay began a red-carpet chat with MTV News. And as other celebs joined them on the carpet — Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Andy Samberg, Tracy Morgan — they picked up on Ferrell and McKay's theme: Does comedy need an awards show, or is laughter all the reward comedians need?

"It's all about winning things!" Andy Richter declared. "That's the reason we all got into this. It's all about trinkets and trophies."

Not so, said Stewart. "I'm not sure anything needs acknowledgement anymore, especially in the show-business arena," the "Daily Show" host told us. "But here's what I think it is: These carpets get no other use, and it would be wasteful not to use them. If you think about it that way, none of this is necessary."

Samberg, meanwhile, deadpanned that before the Comedy Awards, there was one show in particular around to reward the funniest people of the year. "The Golden Globes celebrate comedies every year — comedies like 'Burlesque' and 'The Tourist,' " he said. "And 'Chicago' — another hilarious comedy. So no, we don't need this night."

The Comedy Awards will premiere on Comedy Central on Sunday, April 10, 2011, and will be simulcast on Spike TV, CMT , LOGO , TV Land and VH1.