Britney Spears Is A True 'Superstar,' San Francisco Drag Queens Say

'I had a great time up there,' Donna Sachet tells MTV News of opening for Brit at 'Good Morning America' show.

[artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] had a busy weekend. She performed for her fans in San Francisco, just days after she graced the stage in Las Vegas at the Palms, where MTV was filming her for an upcoming special.

At her San Francisco show, which was being taped for "Good Morning America," Spears had five drag queens in over-the-top costumes warm up the crowd with their sassy back-and-forth. After the performance, MTV News caught up with two of the queens, who told us it was a lot of fun opening for the femme fatale.

"As a huge Britney fan, it was amazing," Pollo Del Mar told us. "I was excited just to have Britney Spears here in San Francisco, but to participate and be a part of it was amazing."

"It was a treat," Donna Sachet added. "I had a great time up there. Five drag queens, all different types of drag, we loved it. We were complimented that Britney wanted to start with something like that."

During her set, Spears performed three tracks from Femme Fatale, out Tuesday, and Pollo gushed that the pop star did a great job.

"I thought it was amazing," Pollo said. "It shows why she's a superstar and certainly I think that the crowd response showed that she's beloved. ... The reason I love Britney Spears is throughout her career, she's shown she's human, she's fallible ... I think that makes her someone people can rally behind and love."

Spears performance featured three eye-catching costumes, complete with sequins, latex and lights. "We do get ideas from her costuming and from her dancers and her energy," Donna admitted.

Fans were equally dazzled by Spears' set. "It was amazing," a fan named Sarah told us after the show wrapped. "It was so hot! We live here in the city, and she was sexier than ever and I'd go lesbian for her. She really blew it up."

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