Britney Spears Fans Call Femme Fatale 'Amazing'

With release of Spears' new album upon us, fans praise the pop star for being 'feisty,' 'sexy' and 'unstoppable.'

It's Femme Fatale's arrival day and [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] lovers couldn't be more excited to have the singer release her seventh studio album. When MTV News caught up with a number of her fans in San Francisco on Sunday, where Spears was taping her performance for "Good Morning America" — which airs Tuesday (March 29) — they revealed why they were looking forward to this new chapter in the pop star's dynamic career.

Camille Burgess explained, "We grew up listening to her songs and she will always be amazing." Her pal Stephanie Griffin added, "She's unstoppable!"

Sarah explained that Spears' spirit is why fans will certainly scoop up copies of the singer's latest, which features production from Dr. Luke and Max Martin, as well as collaborations with artists like "Britney's back but she sealed the deal ... everything!" she gushed. "She's feisty! She never gives up!"

Femme Fatale is a nonstop party album, complete with sexy beats, Britney's signature cooing singing style and lots of references to wanting to get busy with hot dudes. "I've heard a couple of songs and I have to say it's definitely amazing ... She knows what she's doing," Thomas explained. "And I think she's definitely going to have some surprises up her sleeve this next album ... The entertainment power she has, the way she flaunts herself onstage, she's not afraid to be different. It's inspiring to me."

Randi mirrors Thomas' feelings on why fans have stuck with the singer through her ups and downs and are just as excited as ever for this latest release. "Why do we love her? She's awesome," said Randi. "She's an influence on everything. No matter what she does she's always going to be sexy."

What are your thoughts about Britney's Femme Fatale album now that it's finally in stores? Share your opinions in the comments.