My Chemical Romance Team With Fans On 'Sing It For Japan'

Band will release charity version of latest single and fan-fueled video, with all proceeds going to Red Cross efforts.

[artist id="1231843"]My Chemical Romance[/artist] have announced plans to release a charity version of their song "Sing," with all proceeds going to the Red Cross' disaster relief efforts in Japan. But they're not doing it alone. Instead, they're reaching out to members of their MCRmy to help the cause.

The band is asking fans to submit videos, pictures, drawings and written messages to the people of Japan through social sites like Twitter — using the hashtag #SINGItForJapan — which they'll then compile into a video to be paired with the song.

"We'd like to send messages of hope to Japan from people all over the world. ... Go wherever your creativity and heart takes you. It could be as simple as you holding up a sign with '#SINGItForJapan' written on it, or anything else you can dream up," guitarist Ray Toro wrote on the band's official site. "From what we've seen on tour, we know you guys can dream bigger than we ever could. Don't be afraid to get your families involved. If you are inspired to do something alone, that's great too. But we encourage you to get a big group of people from your community together. We want Japan to know just how many people are behind them."

Toro added that the band got the idea after noticing that, in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunamis that ravaged Japan, fans were sending messages of support to the nation using the hashtag.

"After the news of the earthquake and tsunami spread, I did what most people did. I stopped and stared at the TV. I sat at the computer, constantly refreshing CNN in hopes of some good news," he wrote. "And I went to Twitter to see what people were saying. I noticed a hashtag, 'SINGItForJapan,' where you kids were writing messages of hope, saying prayers and sending your condolences and well wishes to survivors. It moved me in a profound way."

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, March 30, at 8 p.m. ET. There's no news on just when the band's new version of "Sing" will be made available, but for more information — and to submit material for #SINGItForJapan — check out My Chemical Romance's official site.