Trina Aims For 'Fun And Energetic' With Diamonds Are Forever

The Miami MC gears up for the summer early with new EP in Mixtape Daily.

This Week's Main Pick

Queen of Hearts: Trina

Holding It Down For: Miami

Mixtape Album: Diamonds Are Forever

Real Spit: Taking a page out of Kanye West's notebook, Trina still insists that diamonds are a girl's best friend. While fans wait for the Miami starlet to unveil her sixth untitled studio album later this year, the Slip-N-Slide flagship artist is feeding her heavily dedicated fanbase with a 12-track EP of all new original material. A few weeks back, Miss MIA dropped the Rick Ross collabo "Waist So Skinny," providing a glimpse of what was to come on Diamonds. To give her Diamonds Are Forever mixture the official stamp of approval, Trina has partnered with the good folks here at Mixtape Daily for the official mixtape release.

"The concept of the mixtape is just a new direction of music," Trina told us on the phone from the Sunshine State. "It's really fun and energetic, a different drive. I tried different types of music. I worked with a bunch of different artists, different producers, different sounds. I just wanted to do something that was fun and energetic. It's the summer. It's, like, the mini-CD to my new album. And I just wanted to have fun."

Joints to Check For

» "Diamonds Are Forever": On the title track, Trina makes it clear she expects to be treated like nothing less than royalty. After more than a decade in the game and millions of records sold, the female MC shows she hasn't missed a beat.

» "Waist So Skinny," featuring Rick Ross: Trina reunites with the Dade County bawse on the bouncy track reminiscent of their previous work together. "Waist So Skinny" was the initial track to leak off Diamonds featuring the onetime labelmates. "See, I'm a boss bitch/ I stunt first class/ I got insurance/ See, I don't f--- with hoes, because they sideways/ I get this money by myself 99 ways."

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