Deadmau5 Lights Up Ultra Music Festival In Miami

Thousands of 'mau5-heads' gathered downtown for a massive, progressive-house set.

MIAMI — We all know Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. deadmau5, knows how to put on a hell of a show, like when he graced the stage at that little event known as the MTV Video Music Awards. His live production is both exciting and intricate, including a massive new LED lighting setup, token mau5 head, and that awe-inspiring cube. And it was no different when MTV News hit up the Ultra Music Festival on Saturday.

Deadmau5's amazing stage setup is part of why he stands apart from other acts — that as well as his excellent production value and impeccable transitions during live performances. We hit up day two of the Ultra fest to see what new tricks deadmau5 would have in store.

This year, tens of thousands of mau5-heads were treated to a very minimal, progressive-house opener. The mood shifted once the hypnotic Sofi dazzled the stage alongside rocker/boyfriend Tommy Lee, who was drumming to the smash "Sofi Needs a Ladder"; the song was followed by his dubstep-infused thumper "One Trick Pony."

The performance shifted in tone and energy throughout the set, hitting

classic mau5 bombs like his Rob Swire vocal edit of his breakthough hit

"Ghosts N Stuff." The large set, combined with stunning visuals and the

energy from the 50,000 or so fans in attendance, was only heightened by

the Downtown Miami backdrop. Deadmau5's Ultra Music Festival 2011 was a

night for him to shine and, no doubt, one for the ages.

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