Perez Hilton Reveals Birthday Wishes For Lady Gaga, Anti-Bullying

Celeb blogger blew out the candles at his Blue Ball Birthday Bash, telling MTV News he'll donate event proceeds to an LGBT charity.

LOS ANGELES — Perez Hilton had two wishes for his birthday this year.

The 33-year-old blogger, who celebrated in grand Hollywood fashion on Saturday night at a Sunset Boulevard studio in Los Angeles, says that if he has his way, two things will come to pass: Lady Gaga's Born This Way will be a super hot-selling album and teen bullying will cease.

"My birthday wish for this year is for Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, to sell over 1.2 million copies the first week," he said, pausing to give off a mock-sinister laugh. "That would beat Taylor Swift's 1.1-something!"

That was actually the only kind-of-mean thing the notorious blogger said at his Blue Ball Birthday Bash on Saturday. And it could be the last. Perez said he has cleaned up his act, largely due to the teen bullying that's been well-documented over the past year.

"When there was that rash of gay teenagers committing suicide last year, and the bullying that is still going on, I was so moved. So moved that I changed how I operate on my website. When it came time to do my birthday, the idea came to me to raise money for charity and, of course, I wanted it to be a LBGT organization. And of course it was important for to work with one for young people," he told MTV News.

So what does that kind of change mean? For starters, it means Perez may not have to duck celebrities anymore. He's been trying to stick to the facts, he said, and do less of the ad-libs like drawing on their paparazzi photographs. He also opened up about how he apologized to Jennifer Aniston for how he treated her over the years on his blog.

"The great thing about being the new and more positive Perez is that I, hopefully, will be having less awkward, uncomfortable, negative confrontations with people," he said. "But hey, I'm a big boy. I've done things in the past I'm not that proud of."

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