Tiesto Debuts Unfinished Kanye West Remix At Ultra Music Festival

DJ says he and Kanye are still tweaking 'Lost in This World' remix.

MIAMI — When MTV News caught up with house music producer Dirty South Saturday afternoon (March 26) as part of our coverage of Miami Music Week, he was still beaming from a blessing he received the night before. Tijs Verwest, known to millions of fans around the world by his stage name Tiësto, dropped Dirty South's new remix of Diddy Dirty Money's "Coming Home," a mix commissioned by Diddy himself, for fans at Miami's annual Ultra Music Festival last night at Bicentennial Park. With a sold-out crowd of 50,000 electronic dance music fans in attendance, the display had quite an audience.

"I've seen a video clip of Tiësto's performance from last night. It was sick! rejoiced Dirty South.

That the veteran dance music icon played remixes and songs featuring recent partnerships with younger producers and vocalists over the course of his headlining set at UMF should come as no surprise. Tiësto, as of late, has been reborn. Once a strictly trance-music icon, the Dutch producer's current sound is very much of today — a big-room trance/house blend that's opened him up to an even larger fanbase.

Very early in his set at the main stage, Tiësto brought the crowd to a roar when he broke out his hit song with rising star and countryman Hardwell, "Zero 76," which was named after their shared area code of birth in Holland. Hands, accessorized neon lights and beach balls bounced across the horizon from beginning till the end of the song, which since dropping in February still remains perched high on the Beatport.com top 100 songs.

After the rousing Dirty South-Diddy Dirty Money remix, the crowd went nuts at the onset of Tiësto Kaleidoscope fan favorite "Escape Me," and on the ground, it sounded as if all 50,000 voices at Bicentennial Park were chanting the CC Sheffield chorus.

Of course, fans were completely floored when Tiësto launched into one of his latest remixes — an as yet unfinished mix of rapper Kanye West's "Lost in This World." At first it seemed it may have taken the audience a second to take stock of what they were actually hearing — West's soulful lamenting lyrics over dark, hard-hitting synths and Tiësto drums. The pause was brief, as hands were in the air in a matter of moments. Tiësto revealed that the song is not yet finished, as he and West are collaborating on song tweaks.

Also of note, fans were treated to Tiësto and Mark Knights' "Beautiful World," featuring the vocals of Dino, which as of this week is the #1 song on the Beatport.com chart.

We will have much more from Tiësto, including more about his song with Kanye West, and interviews from the biggest stars in dance music coming up next week.

What do you think of Kanye West and Tiësto teaming up together? What do you think the finished product will sound like? Let us know in the comments below!