David Guetta Teases Nicki Minaj's 'New Persona' On 'Where Dem Girls At?'

Flo Rida is also featured on the single, which Guetta told MTV News about at Miami Music Week.

MIAMI — America dances to a clubbier tune nowadays, due in large part to the diligence of four kings of current U.S. pop/urban radio: Dr. Luke, Max Martin, RedOne and David Guetta.

And MTV News has a news flash about one of those kings: Grammy-winning French producer David Guetta has almost completed a new album and has a new single hitting the airwaves most likely in the beginning of May. The yet-untitled follow-up to One Love is a disc made with both pop radio and big arenas in mind.

Akon and will.i.am are featured on the upcoming project, as are a few new partners in crime. Currently, Guetta has a dilemma, MTV News learned when we caught up with him Friday (March 25) as the DJ/producer performed during Miami Music Week. The Frenchman is going back and forth between two big bangers for a first single, a high-class problem most in the music world would welcome.

"I have two really, really big ones," Guetta told MTVN News. "One is with Taio Cruz and Ludacris [a song called 'Little Bad Girl' that has already leaked] and the other ['Where Dem Girls At?'] is with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. They are both huge records, but one sounds more European. The other one sounds a bit more U.S."

Guetta joked, "So people are fighting inside the record company: It's the U.S. against Europe. So we are gonna see who has more muscle!"

Minaj's millions of Barbz around the world would surely cast their vote for "Where Dem Girls At?" and Guetta is particularly pleased that he could bring her onboard for the song.

"We just had a big success with 'Club Can't Handle Me' together with Flo Rida, and he gave me back the favor by featuring on my album," Guetta said. "That record is absolutely huge. Like it was a monster already. And then, I wanted to add a little twist, because we just had a record together, and I'm a huge Nicki Minaj fan.

"And we met. I was gonna play records, but she said, 'You know, you should know that I wanna do a solo record. I don't want to be with somebody else,' " Guetta continued. "So I said, 'OK, no problem. Can I just play you that record?' And that record is so big that it's undeniable. And she was like, 'OK, I'll do that last one.' And it's a major record!"

But which Nicki Minaj will appear on "Where Dem Girls At?" Will it be Roman, Martha or one of her other now-famous personas? According to Guetta, maybe someone new.

"I think she kind of has a new persona for that record," Guetta shared. " She's more London now."

Which single do you think David Guetta should roll with first? Let us know in the comments!

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