Rebecca Black 'Freaked Out' When Lady Gaga Called Her A Genius

'I never thought Lady Gaga would even know my name,' the Internet sensation tells MTV News.

Lady Gaga has a habit of finding aspiring pop stars on the Internet.

First there was Greyson Chance, then Maria Aragon. Now she's giving props to everyone's favorite top-of-the-weekend party teen, Rebecca Black, calling her a "genius."

With the clip for her song "Friday" nearing in on 50 million views on YouTube (surpassing Mother Monster's "Born This Way" video views) and a late-night appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," the Internet star is making waves. But how exactly did Black react to being recognized by one of the world's biggest pop stars?

"I freaked out," a grinning Black told MTV News. "I'm 13 and I never thought Lady Gaga would even know my name. I'm the kind of girl that dances to Lady Gaga with a hairbrush in her room at night."

In addition to Gaga's compliment, the overnight Internet sensation is still pondering whether her sudden fame isn't just a dream. "I still question myself: 'Is this real? When am I gonna wake up?' " Black said.

As for how Black became affiliated with Ark Music Factory, the Los Angeles-based record company that assisted with the recording of "Friday" and its lo-fi clip, the teen says it was all a matter of research.

"A friend had told me about it and so I looked it up online when I got home and made sure it was legit and all that," she recalled. After sending an e-mail to the company, Black said she met with producers and was sent songs. When asked if a full-length album is in the works, Black revealed that she and her team are still trying to figure out what her next move should be.

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