Casey Abrams' Save On 'American Idol': Fans React!

Most commenters thought the 'Idol' judges made the right decision to keep the quirky, bearded contestant on the show.

Casey Abrams looked like he was going to be sick when the "American Idol" judges announced on Thursday night that they had no doubt that he deserved this season's one-and-only save. The bearded bass plucker tried to look happy, but the shock of the moment nearly dropped him to his knees, even as Randy, Jennifer and Steven explained to him that they were equally surprised he was this week's lowest vote getter and that they couldn't let such a prodigious talent slip away so soon.

Based on the comments you made after Thursday night's suspense-packed elimination show, most of you are on Team Casey, as well.

"The people in America should recognize when they have tremendous artists like Casey and don't vote them out just like that," wrote Sharon. "The judges [were] completely right, CASEY deserves to be there, he is a unique [and] talented artist. CASEY YOU ROCK!!!!!"

Peggy Sue couldn't have agreed more, writing, "I'm glad the judges used their save on Casey. The save is meant to keep a flub-up happening such as someone going home too early, and the only other person I would want to save is James [Durbin] (maybe Jacob [Lusk]).

It's a good reminder for America to vote for their favorites, whether you think they are safe or not. Casey is a little bit unsteady — he is clearly very musical and fun and creative. He needs to use all of that to show us how he could entertain us in the big world, not in his backyard show."

Seeing Casey on the brink of elimination was a total shock for Sweetum29, who said Abrams deserved another chance thanks to his unique voice and winning personality. If anything, Sweetum wondered just what in the heck was wrong with America's voters, opining, "This man always sings great and gives the audience a show instead of just standing in one spot blowing out a tune."

Among the dissenters was Scooter_88, who wrote that while Abrams and Paul McDonald are among the most talented musicians on season 10, "[they] do not have pop voices, so they will probably never win this show." Sheila seconded that emotion, while adding, emphatically, that there was "nothing so special with his voice!!! he always yell[s] or scream[s] ... very irritating." Others referred to the bearded, J.Lo-anointed sex symbol as a "cheap imitation of [forgotten season-five winner] Taylor Hicks, but at least Taylor could sing. I think the judges wasted their save."

Perhaps Candy summed up the hirsute singer's polarizing effect on some voters best with the pointed response, "Casey as the lowest is no surprise to me. His performances have been weird, he looks weird, he sounds weird, he acts weird, and he IS weird."

Reader Rimersh pointed out one of the long-running ironies of "Idol" voting, that "when someone is a clear favorite many will not vote," which could explain how the heavily hyped Abrams ended up near the abyss.

What do you think about Casey's save? Let us know in comment below!

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