B.o.B Goes After Tyler, The Creator In 'No Future'

Bobby Ray's track comes in response to Odd Future MC's 'Yonkers' dig.

Not everyone is amused by the antics of Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator.

B.o.B took aim at the upstart on Friday (March 25) with a fiery dis track titled "No Future," a response to a line the California rapper issued on his breakout

target="_blank">"Yonkers." "What you think of Hayley Williams?/ F--- her, Wolf Haley robbing 'em," Tyler raps on the song. "I'll crash that f---ing airplane that that f----t n---a B.o.B is in/ And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus."

The line is characteristic of Tyler and his crew's shocking rhymes; the collective are, in part, inspired by Eminem and works like his Relapse album with its slew of serial-killer references.

The "Airplanes" star, however, isn't a fan.

"If I was you I would be a little more cautious," Bobby Ray raps on "No Future." "I'm way too high for you to look at/ The future ain't looking promising for these rookies/ This is target practice but I don't even pull the f---ing trigger anymore, 'cause it's just a waste of bullets/ Come and get this pu---, wipe them off the floor/ I'm guessing they was hoping for some different results/ I'm guessing they was guessing 'cause they wasn't really sure/ But f--- it, I guess I'mma have to let these n----s know.

"Keep f---ing with me, you ain't gon have no future," he concludes.

Tyler responded via Twitter. Perhaps taking the high road after driving too close to the edge, the 20-year-old wrote that he didn't think "No Future" was a dis track. He even gave B.o.B props on the rhyme.

"Whoa," he wrote in his first message. "I don't think the 'No Future' song is even a diss. But I've never heard him spit like that. Took me by surprise, cus it's tight."

A second message took a swipe at producer Alex Da Kid over "Airplanes" and "Love the Way You Lie" sounding too similar.

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