Blake Lewis Worries Casey Abrams Is 'Scaring America' On 'Idol'

'He looks like he's going to punch a baby,' the season-six runner-up says on MTV News' 'Idol Party Live.'

If you're an "American Idol" fan and haven't yet tuned in to MTV News' "Idol Party Live" with our own Jim Cantiello, you are missing out. In addition to the interactive platform that provides can't-miss post-game analysis, commentary, interviews and conspiracy theories, each installment features a VIP guest like "Jersey Shore" starlet Sammi Sweetheart and "My Life as Liz" leading lady Liz Lee.

This week, Cantiello and hilarious guest commentator Michael Buckley were joined (via Skype) by season-six runner-up Blake Lewis, who shared his thoughts on his favorite contestants and his continued love for Jennifer Lopez.

First up, Lewis' rapid-fire thoughts on the season 10 contestants. In the thumbs-up category, Lewis likes Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams, the latter of whom he offered a few words of advice in order to avoid being sent to the bottom three or eliminated too early.

"I like Casey, [but] I think he's been scaring America," Lewis said. "He looks like he's going to punch a baby. I want him to smile. ... Each week he's been screaming."

Lewis was equally forthcoming with his opinions on the female contestants, and he was particularly surprised to learn that Haley Reinhart avoided elimination but did admit she has the chops to sing.

"I think she's a great vocalist, but she's unsure," he said.

Regarding early favorite Pia Toscano, Lewis joined the ranks of many "Idol" watchers with a plea for Toscano to sing something other than a ballad. "I want her to sing something uptempo," he said. "The producers need to arrange something groovy for her voice."

Speaking of love for the ladies, Lewis didn't miss an opportunity to praise the judging talents of Lopez, who was one of his celebrity mentors during the season six.

"I've been praising J.Lo, because she's just a queen and her comments are right on," Lewis said, adding that he "fell in love with her" when she made an appearance on the show during Latin Week.

"My love is so strong. She was the best mentor for our season," he said.

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