'Jersey Shore' Stars Tease A 'Drama'-Filled Season Finale

'There are fights, but there are good times,' Deena says of the episode, which airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

How did this season of "Jersey Shore" go so fast? It seems like just yesterday we were embarking on a new journey in Seaside Heights, wondering if Sammi and Ronnie might actually get together, how Deena would fit in with her new roomies and whether the show's honorary castmember — the duck phone — would be defiantly quacking away on a daily basis.

And now, just like that, the season is coming to an end on Thursday (March 24) with a final, drama-filled episode. It's like we popped into a tanning bed for a little UV-base building and woke up looking like Fozzy Bear. Not cool! At least we've got a new, Italian-flavored "Shore" season coming down the line soon. Until then, it's time to get pumped for the season finale, and to that end, Deena and Vinny gave us a couple of teasers.

"It's very important to watch this episode, because it's like watching the first one: You have to put an end to things you started," Vinny told MTV News. "You're going to see your basic fighting and drama, like Deena — I got into a little fight with her. You're going to get the Ronnie and Sammi fighting. You're going to get a lot of comedic moments as well. There are a lot of cliffhangers that still aren't answered, and this last episode will put a button on everything."

It might be a little fight in Vinny's eyes, but Deena called that war of words — centering on the ongoing, friends-with-suspect-benefits relationship between Vin and Snooki — the single incident on the show she wished never happened.

"The least favorite moment was me fighting with Vin in the upcoming episode, just because Vin's one of my best guy friends in the house," she told us. "Even though I was trying to be a good friend to Snooks, it is what it is."

Oddly enough, Deena's favorite event of the season also involved a fight, albeit one of a much more lighthearted variety. "The moment that I loved the most was the water fights and the pranks, because that really shows how close our bond in the house really was," she said. "Although we fight sometimes, our bond will never break and we really do have a good time together."

And it's the roommates' togetherness, above and beyond their less glamorous moments of brawling and boozing, that the season ender ultimately highlights. "The finale is ... probably one of the best episodes. It shows drama, comedy — anything you want in an episode," Deena said. "There are fights, but there's also good times. The whole episode sums up our family."

Don't miss the "Jersey Shore" season finale tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.