YG Says L.A. Is 'Feeling' His New Single 'Patty Cake'

'It's a club banger, but it sounds different than 'Toot It and Boot It,' ' rookie rapper tells MTV News.

YG scored a big hit with "Toot It and Boot It" and found an even larger audience once 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg joined the Los Angeles native for the remix.

But the newly minted XXL cover star — he's joined by 10 other upstarts for the magazine's annual Freshman issue — intended to impress with much more than his breakout number. His track "Patty Cake" has been gaining air play.

"I got another song on the radio on [L.A.'s] Power 106. It's a club banger, but it sounds different than 'Toot It and Boot It,' " YG told MTV News. "I'm just waiting on the label to get behind it. Everybody in L.A. is feeling it.

"I got some songs. I got some hits," he added. "I just got to get my label behind me. I'm all the way on the West Coast. So they gotta feel it, they got to get the buzz. So I got to go through the same thing I did with 'Toot It and Boot It.' "

Currently, the inked-up rapper is working on his next mixtape, the forthcoming Just Re'd Up, featuring guest spots by Chris Brown, Tyga and Nipsey Hussle, among others, and hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Mustard.

Mustard doubles as YG's personal DJ and one of his producers; he helmed the boards for "Patty Cake."

With "Patty Cake," YG said he's trying to get the club cracking once again.

"To me, it's something the ladies and the dudes want to hear when they get in the club," he explained. " 'Cause it's gonna get the girls dancing. And that's what I like to see when I get in the club."

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