Pete Wentz Says Black Cards' Debut Has Been 'Gathering Digital Dust'

The band's long-in-the-works album is tentatively due this summer.

Ever since Pete Wentz unveiled Black Cards last summer (back then, you probably remember that he was replacing the vowels with the number 4), fans have been clamoring for music from the group. And as the months passed, they got their wish, as Wentz began releasing individual songs and started taking his new band out on the road.

But to date, there's been very little news on an actual Black Cards album, though, from the sound of things, that may be changing very soon. Because as Wentz told MTV News on the red carpet for the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards, not only is the Cards record finished, there's even a tentative release date for the disc. Sort of.

"Summer, the month of summer is when we want the album to come out," Wentz laughed. "It's done and I'm just going to keep putting songs out, so we have to keep putting more songs on the album."

Wentz said that the still-untitled album will feature guest spots from Travie McCoy, Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn and, uh, Shaggy (!) and added that, though he's aware fans have been waiting for a while now to hear the disc, the delay was necessary. He's been trying to line up support for the band at their label, Island/Def Jam. After all, this isn't Fall Out Boy.

"I don't feel like there is a holdup. I feel like people know that it's a new project at the label and really want to roll it out in the right way, and the building has really gotten behind it," he explained. "But it's different than Fall Out Boy, and it's different than stuff we've done before, so ... with Fall Out Boy, it'd be like, 'OK, this is rollout, we've got it, we'll go around the world.' And with this, it's new and it's new territory, so we're working with new people and it'll be exciting."

So it's looking like this summer is going to be a good one for Wentz's fans ... and to be honest, he can't wait to get the Black Cards' debut out there. After all, the thing's been sitting around for a while now.

"It's basically been sitting on the shelf," he said. "It's all digital, so it's gathering digital dust."