Big Sean Says Lil' Kim Should 'Hop On A Track With Another Big'

'She's one of the greatest rappers of all time, straight up,' MC says during 'RapFix Live' after seeing Kim's kind words about him.

Kanye West isn't Big Sean's only notable co-signer.

During Lil' Kim's recent appearance on MTV News' "RapFix Live," one of the up-and-coming MCs she said had plenty of potential was the G.O.O.D. Music/ Def Jam artist. "There's a new rapper. I don't know if he's a rock star yet, I don't know if he's really gotten that chance, but his name is Big Sean," Kim told MTV News. "I like him. I think he's dope."

It was Sean's turn on Wednesday's (March 23) "RapFix Live." During his sit-down interview, the flashy Detroit rapper was humbled after seeing the video of the Queen Bee speaking highly of his talents.

"That's crazy, man," Sean told MTV News' Sway Calloway. "That's a legend right there. She's one of the greatest rappers of all time, straight up. Somebody told me that she said that, but that's my first time actually hearing her really say that. It's an honor. That just really goes to show me I'm just doing something right, through all the hate. Through all the people telling me, 'Man, you'll never do whatever, whatever, man,' stuff like that keeps me going."

With props from Lil' Kim, Sean said he intends to inquire about a possible collaboration with the Brooklyn rapper.

"Lil' Kim's a real G, man," Sean said. "She need to come holla at me. Hop on a track with another Big. ... I need her phone number to hit her up."

For now, Big Sean's debut album, Finally Famous, is due in stores May 3.

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