Travie McCoy Says 'It's Definitely Time' For New Gym Class Heroes LP

GCH hope to have their long-awaited Papercut Chronicles II in stores 'before summer.'

When Travie McCoy released Lazarus last summer, he did so mainly to provide his fans with a soundtrack to their "good times." But then McCoy dropped "Billionaire," hit the road with Rihanna and Ke$ha, released a slew of additional singles and, suddenly, nearly a year after the fact, the "good times" still haven't stopped.

While he's still happy to let Lazarus breathe, even McCoy knows that it's time to turn his focus back to his other project, Gym Class Heroes. For more than a year, he's been talking about the band's next album, The Papercut Chronicles II, but now, it sounds like he's entered the homestretch, and he's happy to tell fans that they'll finally get to hear the record in 2011.

"We're about 30 to 35 demos deep now. We had a really awesome session right before this tour started, and we got a lot done. We're definitely in the stages now where we're definitely picking the cream of the crop. ... The songs are starting to take shape and come together," he said. "We just wrapped a song with Adam Levine called 'Stereo Hearts' that came out amazing, so you guys might be hearing that song a lot sooner than you'd think. It's definitely that time, regardless of how far or how much longer the Lazarus cycle continues to bring out the sexy MILFs, we're definitely looking to get this record out this year."

As the title implies, PCC II is a sequel to the band's second album, 2005's The Papercut Chronicles, and McCoy said the ties go much deeper than just the title alone.

"There's a song tentatively titled 'Kid Nothing and the Nothing to Kid Abouts,' and what's really cool is we're bringing back a lot of the themes that were on the original Papercut Chronicles, making the connection between the two albums," he explained. "And this song actually starts off where 'Kid Nothing vs. the Echo Factor' ended ... the outro of that song starts this song, and it becomes this crazy, like, Nine Inch Nails-sounding thing. Sonically, this record is going to be crazy. And these are just demos. Once we go in and give 'em the Gym Class treatment, it's a wrap."

And speaking of wrap, the goal now is to wrap up pre-production on the album and hit the studio — with "a couple of guys who I don't want to reveal just yet," McCoy smiled — where, at long last, GCH can put PCC II to bed.

"In a perfect world, after this tour is over, I have a couple commitments to take care of, but after that, I'm jumping right into the studio," he said. "So once again, in a perfect world, we're going to have this record out before summer."

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