Tyler The Creator Wants To Take Justin Bieber 'Egging Cars'

After meeting the Biebs, Odd Future MC tells MTV News he wants them to 'do fun sh-- that I feel like he hasn't been able to do.'

Needless to say, Justin Bieber has a lot fans. From Kanye West to Kim Kardashian to nearly every teenage girl in the world, Bieber has amassed quite a dedicated following. But he seems to have picked up a rather odd fan along the way as well.

Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator has Bieber Fever in a big way. In fact, the MC has called the teenage Canuck his idol. In the days leading up to the premiere of Bieber's 3-D movie, "Never Say Never," Tyler could be found online tweeting down the days until its release. So of course, when the two finally met late last month, Tyler was excited.


Two photos emerged of the two together, one blurry and the other showing the teen sensations posing side-by-side. When MTV News caught up with Tyler — and the rest of Odd Future — at South by Southwest, he still had a huge smile on his face.

"We [were] kicking it with him for like 10, 20 minutes. He's a chill dude. First thing he was like, 'Oh, I just finished talking about your video, that sh-- was crazy," Tyler said. "He just started asking me questions about my sh--, and it was kind of weird because I was going to ask him sh--. But he was intrigued enough [about] what we had going on."

He also said he showed the Biebs how to pose for their photo. Initially, Bieber threw up the peace sign, but Tyler convinced him to swag it out another way. Bieber was really chill and Tyler hopes they'll hang out soon.

"I want to take him egging cars and f---ing sh-- up and paintball and just go skate and go do fun sh-- that I feel like he hasn't been able to do," the MC said.

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