Has Chris Brown Ruined His Chance At A Comeback?

Singer's 'GMA' outburst may hinder his ability to gain new fans, experts say.

As details begin to bubble to the surface about Chris Brown's "Good Morning America" outburst, fans and the media are wondering if he ruined his chances at the musical comeback he'd planned to have with the release of F.A.M.E. on Tuesday.

"Of all the places not to have a public meltdown!" Popeater.com correspondent Rob Shuter told MTV News about the chair-throwing fit he reportedly threw after "GMA" host Robin Roberts brought up his 2009 assault of Rihanna. "It shows you his level of arrogance and stupidity. He has proved he has temper tantrums and is a violent person, which is exactly what we were talking when he hit Rihanna. What he did yesterday confirmed what an out of control fellow he is."

Ian Drew, senior music editor at Us Weekly, thinks that this will certainly have an effect on his album sales. "I definitely think this is a huge step back for him," he said. "It was a huge mistake. You control how you react. He didn't react the right way. He showed in one breath that he still has a huge temper and he can't control himself. He just ruined everything he had built up again. He chose to act up that way and now he'll bear the repercussions."

So what's next? "I think the fans that stuck with him through Rihanna will stick with him through this," Shuter said. "What isn't going to happen is he's not going to be able to grow his fanbase. ... I think you say sorry and put out good work. You can come back. He has to apologize now. He has to be an angel, I think. Now, for the rest of his life, he has to be careful. He is young, but he's had every advantage, and I think that's what makes people angry: To have all these advantages and still mess it up is very hard to forgive."

"Good Morning America" has asked the star to appear on the show again, but Drew believes that instead, Brown should take a rest from his promotional plans. As of press time, Brown hadn't accepted the show's offer to appear again.

"There's always a way back, anyone can. My advice to him would be: Just don't do any interviews and put out a strong record and let it speak for itself," Drew said. "Let the music do the talking. Let that be the statement."