CyHi Da Prynce On Kanye West: 'He Pushes Me'

G.O.O.D. Music MC tells Mixtape Daily, 'He'll tell me when my verse is not as hot.'

Celebrity Favorites: CyHi Da Prynce

CyHi Da Prynce likens the G.O.O.D. Music collective to superheroes, but you might be surprised to learn who he compares his crew to.

"[Kanye] is Captain Planet and all our powers combined," the upstart MC told Mixtape Daily, referencing the animated Planeteers. "I'm heart, Big Sean is water, Pusha T is fire and Teyana Taylor is Wind. So if you put it all together, it's Captain Planet. He's Captain Planet."

And maybe Mr. Hudson is Earth, but even without the final element, it's hard not to give 'Ye a nod for pushing his team to the forefront.

The My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy star recently held court down in Texas, where he headlined a ballyhooed G.O.O.D. Music set at the South by Southwest music festival. Push, Cy and Jay-Z joined Mr. West for a formidable lineup.

According to Da Prynce, it's just another example of Yeezy's hospitality, though, to hear the Georgia rapper tell it, it's really his mentor's honesty that sets him apart, for better or worse.

"I wish you guys could really be around him," CyHi said. "The misconception ... it's like this, you know how you say something about somebody behind their back, and then when you see them you have to be politically correct and you don't say what you want to say to them? I don't feel like that's right. Some people have to be honest with each other, 'cause sometimes you can't let a situation escalate to a point where it's out of control.

"Honesty is the biggest thing to me and that's what I love about [Kanye]," he continued. "He'll tell me when my verse is not as hot. Most of your friends will tell you you're dope because you're already naturally dope. But he pushes me and challenges me to be better. And he does that in music, art, fashion and so many other things to the point where I take it as constructive criticism. Especially to someone that sold all these records, he didn't sell them for nothing. Don't shoot the messenger all the time, just get the message."

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