Simon Cowell Wants 'X Factor' To 'Find The New Lady Gaga'

Ex 'Idol' judge also offers audition advice to contestants during Twitter Q&A with fans.

Simon Cowell has said that contestants who want to take home the $5 million prize on "X Factor" must bring a wave of originality to the table. In fact, the former "American Idol" judge is hoping to find a star so innovative that the winner will be able to compete as "the new Lady Gaga."

On Tuesday (March 22), Cowell took to Twitter to participate in a live Q&A chat with fans, and gave up even more details about "X Factor." "We hope 2 find an artist who can compete with people in the charts. Would love to find the new Lady Gaga. No Rules," he wrote of the reality show, which is set to debut this September.

As for how contestants can go about pulling off an innovative audition, Cowell tweeted, "My [advice] is to find unique version of a well known song IE Gracen doing Lady Gaga made him stand out," referring to YouTube star Greyson Chance.

Cowell also opened up about why he selected music executive L.A. Reid for a spot on the judges' panel. "He's the No1 Hit maker in the world. Judges get to mentor 3 contestants each in the final. He will make a great mentor," he said in another tweet.

And while reports seem to suggest that Mariah Carey has passed on a seat at the judges' table, Cowell revealed that Cheryl Cole (one of the judges on the U.K. version) is still "in the mix," adding that he hopes to reveal the names of the two remaining judges "very shortly."

Asked what most excited about bringing the singing reality show Stateside, Cowell replied: "Finding a Star. Launching the new show. I miss judging in America!"

For "American Idol" fans planning to follow Cowell to "X Factor," the Brit was quick to point out a few differences in the guidelines between his new and former talent show. Not only is the starting age limit lower than most shows (12 years old), but there is no upper age limit. "X Factor" also allows groups to compete in the show, with the winner taking home the $5 million prize.

So what happens if "X Factor" fails to live up to all the hype and headlines surrounding the series? Cowell has a plan. "Book a fast flight home.. !" he joked.

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