Charlie Sheen Pops In On Jimmy Kimmel

Sheen showed up during Kimmel's chat with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and handed out promotional items to the audience.

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen has been relatively quiet (for him) over the past week as he prepares for the April 2 launch of his 20-date "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Show," but he took some time out from his busy webcasting schedule on Monday to drop in on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Kimmel was in the midst of interviewing outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban when the subject of Sheen came up. Cuban was praising the "Platoon" star and explaining that he has been in discussions with Sheen about a number of projects when Sheen burst onto the stage carrying a plastic shopping bag filled with swag and yelling, "How we doin'?" to the studio audience.

After planting a big, wet kiss on a surprised-looking Kimmel's face, a very excited Sheen soaked up the screams of the crowd, then signed a copy of musical guest Brett Dennen's album and handed it to an audience member before taking a seat to chat with Kimmel.

"You should borrow the band for the talk show that you're doing. It's always better with a band," Kimmel counseled Sheen. Sheen motioned toward Kimmel's band and joked, "Pack it up right now, dammit!"

"I can't stay ... sorry," Sheen told the disappointed audience. "I have a show to write, dammit!" He then reached into his bag and reminded Cuban that the billionaire had forgotten his Sheen merchandise when he visited the house earlier in the day.

Sheen pulled out a half-dozen promotional shirts and tossed them out to the studio audience, including one with an adorable kitten staring at the camera and the tag line, "I have tiger's blood in me."

After complimenting Kimmel for his "very moist" lips, Sheen presented the host with a special gift, a used-looking white coffee mug with a sticker of an adorable baby fox on it. "I'll let you figure it out, my man," he said when Kimmel questioned the present. And just like that, Sheen was off the set like a rocket, leaving confusion and some "Duh, Winning!" shirts in his wake.

After getting fired from "Two and a Half Men," rumors surfaced this week that Sheen was considering launching a late-night show on the Fox network, though Radar Online countered that Sheen's former bosses at CBS were possibly trying to lure him back to his old gig after this month's messy breakup.