Liv Tyler 'Proud' Of Steven Tyler's 'Idol' Gig After 'A Rough Few Years'

'He's enjoying himself so much,' judge's daughter tells MTV News.

One of the unexpected pleasures and surprises during this new season of "American Idol" has undoubtedly been the addition of judge Steven Tyler. Whether waiting for his next endearing words of encouragement or recapping his numerous outlandish and creative expletives, America is having as much fun watching Tyler as he seems to be having himself.

And aside from Tyler's newfound fans, via "Idol," no one is more thrilled for his resurgence in popularity than his daughter Liv. When MTV News caught up with her while promoting her new film "Super" recently, we asked for her thoughts on her dad's new gig.

"I haven't been watching every single [episode], which I feel really bad about, but I've been watching a lot and I love it," Tyler revealed. "I feel really proud of him and happy for him. He's had a rough few years, a couple of years in particular, and I'm really happy for him that he's enjoying himself so much," she said."

Liv went on to say that she always knew how much fun he was, but she is glad everyone else is getting to see the other side to his rock-star persona too.

"He's so happy and naturally good at what he's doing, it's really nice," she said. "It's so funny for me, everybody keeps coming up to me going, 'Your dad, he's so sweet and he's so funny!' And of course it's the man that I've known my whole life, who tells all those kinds of jokes and has that big heart," Tyler said with a smile. "I'm really happy for him."

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