Selena Gomez Says Her Next Album Is 'More Mature'

'It is very different, and I'm growing up,' she says of the yet-untitled summer record.

Selena Gomez isn't a little girl anymore. She's 18, in a high-profile romance and has left Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place" behind for less tween fare. Her next step also includes her forthcoming album and the empowering first single "Who Says."

"We haven't decided [a] title [yet for the album] and we're dealing with the album artwork, 'cause it is very different and I'm growing up," she told MTV News. "It's a lot more mature."

Gomez admits that she really loves stepping out of the Disney shadow to grow up in a big way on this album. "I'm growing," she said. "I'm constantly changing, and it's fun being able to express that for my fans. So this album is a huge rave; it really is. It's funky, it's different. I'm liking it."

The album will not feature any duets or collaborations, but Gomez does have a wish list just in case she feels the need to throw someone on one of the tracks between now and the summer release date. "All of it is pretty much me," she said of the yet-untitled album. "I love Bruno Mars; I'm obsessed with him. I love B.o.B. I love Adele's new record; it's insane. I would love to even just meet her."

Gomez has previously shared that "there's a lot more depth [on this album]." She has tracks on it that fully express the wide range of emotions she feels as a young woman in the spotlight. "There is one [song] that I'm completely in love with, and it was written by Pixie Lott, who I am obsessed with," she said. "And it's my mom's favorite song. It's very sweet. It's kind of a ballad, but not really. It's basically about living in the moment; it's about enjoying right now. I'm very much enjoying right now. I'm in a good place."

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