'Skins' Star Eleanor Zichy Previews Season Finale

Monday night (March 21), fans will learn more about Eura, Tony's sister.

As the premiere season of "Skins" wraps up Monday night (March 21), the show is in many ways coming full circle. The season opened with a look at Tony, a cad and manipulator who plays by his own rules. Throughout the first nine episodes, all of the characters have showed different sides of themselves and their lives. The finale will take a look at Tony's younger sister, Eura.

"Eura is Tony's younger sister, and she remains very mysterious throughout the series," Eleanor Zichy explained to MTV News. "She's not in every episode, but she comes up very sporadically — sometimes with the group, most of the time not ... until the final episode, where you'll get to know more about her."

While it seems that Zichy's character hasn't always been at the center of the action (and there's been plenty of it), that's about to change. "Eura is the younger sister, so there's a bit of a discontent," she described. "You'll see something between Cadie and Eura, and Chris considers her Tony's weird little sister."

While the episode will certainly have fans talking Tuesday morning, the show has had lots of attention throughout its nine-week run. Some loved it, and others wondered if it was too racy for teens. But the cast has always made the point that the show is about a lot more than just sex and drugs.

"All we have to say is ... you have to watch it and see the story lines, the friendships, the politics between these kids, what their relationships are," Zichy explained. "They're like a family."

Don't miss the "Skins" season finale Monday (March 21) at 10 p.m. ET/PT, 9 p.m. Central on MTV.