Lil Wayne Helps Lil Twist Navigate A 'Love Affair' In New Video

Clip from forthcoming 'Don't Get It Twisted' features love advice from Weezy.

Lil Twist can learn a thing or two from Lil Wayne. And in the youngster's new video, "Love Affair," Weezy's protégé definitely gets some game instruction from the Young Money captain.

The track is the lead single from Twist's forthcoming debut, Don't Get It Twisted, due later this year.

In the clip, Twist fights competing desires to be faithful to his main squeeze, while another young lady is attracting his attention.

"She invited me over/ So I hopped in the Rover/ Damn my lady called the phone," Twist sings while his paramour cozies up to him. "And I should have went home/ But I let the phone roam."

"I got a main b---- and mistress, I'm trying to work it out, I'm on my fitness," Wayne later raps with Twist by his side. "Probably won't last, but I'm optimistic/ One makes me happy, the other makes a difference."

In the end, however, Twist turns out to be a good guy and returns to his lady.

The teen Young Money member is following in the steps of Drake and Nicki Minaj, and he's currently on the road, along with Cory Gunz and Nicki, as part of Wayne's I Am Still Music Tour.

"That's where I get my little oomph from, when I bring my whole clique out there, and I want them to be heard," Wayne told MTV News last week. "I remember when [Bad Boy] had Total, Biggie, Ma$e, Junior Mafia, all of them other people. Then you think of the Roc. We're more so like the Roc. 'Cause Jay always had artists the world didn't know, but he put them on the proper song and everybody knows the song. But this time around, I want you to know the song, I want you to know the person, I want you to know us. And it's no secret about it, I got the toughest team in the game right now and later."