Robert Pattinson's Not Suiting Up For 'Daredevil' ... Yet

The 'Water for Elephants' star said he fears fanboy backlash when it comes to superhero movies.

Imagine Robert Pattinson in tights, fighting crime as an iconic character. While the heartthrob would undoubtedly have the Twihards lining up for days to see him play a superhero, he thinks there's one set of moviegoers who wouldn't be nearly as keen on the idea: fanboys!

During Friday's "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," a live, 30-minute chat with the "Water for Elephants" star, RPattz revealed he would, in fact, take on a superhero role if it were presented to him. "I'd love [to] definitely."

But the actor does have some reservations about taking on the genre, including which superhero he would play. "I don't know what superhero you'd do. Is there any left?" he asked.

Robert did, however, admit that there's one character he'd like to suit up for, but he gave pause when he realized what a stir he might cause by even mentioning it.

"I shouldn't even say this stuff, 'cause all the little fanboys will be like, 'No! I'm gonna shoot him!' " he joked.

So, while we may never know which character Robert is "such a big fan" of, we do know that he's not yet in contention for the role of Matt Murdock in "Eclipse" director David Slade's upcoming "Daredevil" reboot.

"I don't know where that one came from at all," Robert said of the rumors that he was lined up to play the comic book vigilante. But, that wasn't the only thing he found confusing about the future remake. When MTV News mentioned another "Daredevil" was in the works, Robert asked, "[That] Ben Affleck movie?"

He then pondered with a laugh about the 2003 flick, "That's weird, didn't that only come out about three years ago?"

The 24-year-old star did have some casting ideas of his own. "Get David Slade to play him," Robert said of his former "Eclipse" director. "Oh no, he should play, who's the bald guy? Bullseye!"

Which superhero would you like to see Robert Pattinson play?

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