Robert Pattinson Says Making 'Water For Elephants' Was 'Magical'

'I just wanted to show I can be Jacob too,' he jokes to MTV News about his character's 'Twilight'-ready name.

"MTV First: Robert Pattinson" was barely seconds old before the man of the hour started to feel just a little bit overwhelmed. After we told him that his fans had tweeted in 50,000 questions, he cracked, "Do I have to answer every single one?"

Considering that would probably require Pattinson to hang around with us until the first part of "Breaking Dawn" hits theaters in November, we'll let the guy off the hook. But before we even hit the first of our Twitter questions, we revealed an exclusive "Water for Elephants" clip and asked Rob about shooting the upcoming drama opposite Reese Witherspoon.

"It felt like it was kind of magical in many ways, because we were out in the desert shooting," he said. "There was nothing from the modern world around. It was a different experience for me. It wasn't in a studio or anything."

Sure, it was different, but there remains something oddly familiar about "Water for Elephants": a sweeping romantic story, a love triangle and a character named Jacob. Sound a bit like "Twilight," anyone? The twist, though, is that this time Pattinson is the one playing Jacob.

"I just wanted to show I can be Jacob too. That's the only reason I did the movie. I just looked at the name. There was an elephant, my name is Jacob — done," he said, adding with a laugh, "The next movie I'm doing, I'm called Taylor in it."

The movie is definitely a major step in his career, as he leaps from a blockbuster vampire franchise to a major studio project co-starring Oscar winners Witherspoon and Cristoph Waltz. Only after production wrapped and he began to make the press rounds, though, did he begin to get a bit anxious.

"I wasn't nervous at all until I started doing interviews for it and I realized I actually did a movie," he told us. "It was just really fun while I was doing it. And now I remembered I actually made a movie. I think it's going to be great. It's really beautiful. It was really fun making it, so hopefully it will reflect in the movie."

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