Joe Jonas Playing 'Sex Symbol' On New Solo Album

Songwriter Claude Kelly says Jonas Brother is 'willing to take chances.'

Joe Jonas promised that on his forthcoming solo album, he's going to be singing about his life, and that means songs about some very famous ladies might make the final cut. Songwriter Claude Kelly, who has been working with Joe in a New York studio, said that nothing is being held back.

"My process when I go in with an artist is to ask them right off the bat, 'What's going on in your life?' ... and he hasn't held back at all," Kelly dished to MTV News. "He's like, 'I want to talk about this girl or how hot she is or we're breaking up or we're together.' He'll say it, and he'll put his life in the song, which makes the best songs."

With names like Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene (who he very recently broke up with) and Camilla Belle floating around in Joe's dating past, it seems that this inside scoop will make for some fun listening. "It's gonna be good, absolutely," Kelly added. "And that's the fun part: to let [fans] figure it out and let them listen to it over and over and dissect those parts. So, I was blown away about how together he was on this record and how willing he was to take chances."

Kelly and Joe have worked on two songs together, and Kelly said he's eager to see what the two of them can cook up next. "I was really impressed with his artistry," he said. "He really knows what he wants. His vocals are really awesome, range-wise."

Joe, who already has legions of girls drooling over his hunkiness, plans to up that hot-guy ante on this record. "Obviously, he's a sex symbol already, but he's really gonna play into a sex-symbol role and get the girls on his side," Kelly revealed. "He's doing edgier, more urban music. I've been working with [producer] Danja. It's edgy, urban pop where he can showcase his voice in a way people haven't heard him before. So, he's singing more edgy things and the music is more mature, but fun still."

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