Foo Fighters Hungry For Musical March Madness Success

First-round voting set to close Sunday at midnight.

The Foo Fighters entered the 2011 Musical March Madness tournament as the top seed in the meaty Midwest region, and so far, they've lived up to that high billing, totally dominating their over-matched first-round opponents, 16th-seeded the Damned Things.

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With voting on opening-round matchups set to close Sunday at midnight, the Foos hold a commanding 73-27 lead over

target="_blank">the Damned Things (who were rallying the troops early), all but ensuring them a spot in the second round of our tournament. And though they're poised to move one step closer to hoisting the championship trophy, the Foos remain remarkably nonplussed about not only their title hopes but the entire MMM bracket.

"That sounds like exercise or something," Foos frontman Dave Grohl replied when asked about Musical March Madness. "And 'bracket' sounds like 'brisket' to me. Sort of makes me want to eat something."

It bears mention that Grohl said this one day after the Foo Fighters kicked off the South by Southwest Music Festival with a raucous surprise set at the Austin, Texas, BBQ shack/venue Stubb's which probably explains why he had brisket on the brain. But still, with a field of competitors that still includes heavyweights like 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park and Panic! at the Disco, you'd think the Foos would a least be looking ahead to the tournament's later rounds.

But, again, you'd be wrong. Instead of looking forward, the Foo Fighters are looking backward. Seems, if anything, their Musical March Madness success has stirred up some painful childhood memories — certainly a first in the illustrious two-year history of the tourney.

"[It] makes me think of walking down the hallway in high school and being called 'f--' by all the jocks," guitarist Chris Shiflett said, laughing.

"You now what though?" drummer Taylor Hawkins added. "If you saw a picture of Chris in high school, you'd understand."

Will the Foos survive to stir up more bad thoughts for Shiflett? Or will they be felled by one of their fellow titans? Well, that's really up to you, isn't it? Voting is now open in all first-round matchups over on the Newsroom blog and closes Sunday night. May the best band win, even if it pains them to do so.

MTV's Musical March Madness tournament is back! Voting on all first-round matchups continues until Sunday, at which point we'll move on to the second round of the action. All winners are determined by your votes, so if your favorite act made the cut, it'll be up to you to guide them to glory. You can rally the troops on Twitter using the hashtag #MMM — but get ready, it's gonna be a war.