Lady Gaga Teams Up With Google For Fan Interview

Pop singer posts video message inviting fans to ask her questions.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] has always found creative ways to interact with her fans, and her latest idea is no exception. On Tuesday, the pop titan took to YouTube to post a video message inviting her Little Monsters to ask her questions in an upcoming Google interview.

Standing against a brick wall, Gaga greets her fans in the beginning of the black-and-white video, saying, "Hello, Little Monsters. This is Lady Gaga on the road at the Monster Ball. I wanted to let you in on the news that I'll be doing an exclusive Google interview using one of their tools called the moderator, which allows you guys to ask me all the questions that you want.

"Do you have something that you always wanted to know about me or maybe you have questions about my fashion love or even the kind of things I search for on Google. Well, now is your chance!" she continues in the clip.

Fans can participate in the interview by heading to the singer's YouTube channel and submitting videos or written questions. While on the singer's page, they can also vote for the questions they want to hear the most. In addition to the video network, fans can tweet their questions using the hashtag #GoogleGoesGaga. Fans have until the end of the day Friday to submit their entries.

"I'll post the video interview with all my questions next week, so stay tuned. I'll let you know when it goes up, and remember, you're all amazing and I love you so, so much. I'll see you soon. You were born this way," she concludes with her monster growl.

As of Wednesday (March 16), some of the most popular submissions included everything from pre-fame bullies to backstage tour stories.

"You said that in school a lot of people bullied you and didn't like you," one fan wrote. "Now that you are famous, have any of them tried to 'apologize' and become friends? If so, what did you say to them?"

"What do you do with all the T-shirts, stuffed animals, letters, hats and other monster gifts you receive?" asked another fan.

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