Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson Talk 'Wackiest' 'American Idol' Judge

'Wow, you haven't seen the side of Jennifer [Lopez] that I've seen,' Tyler reveals to MTV News.

Anyone who's been watching the bright and shiny new season of "American Idol" would likely agree that the addition of new judge Steven Tyler has added a wacky and even more unpredictable element to the show.

MTV News caught up with the man in question, as well as fellow judge Randy Jackson, at the "American Idol" event at the PaleyFest, an annual event that celebrates TV's biggest and brightest names both in front of and behind the camera. While there, we asked them which judge they thought was the wackiest.

Not surprisingly, the duo veered on- and off-topic, which made for an entertaining, if random chat.

"Ryan is the weirdest," Jackson said. "And he has a little bit of a B.O. going on, but oh, we shouldn't talk about that. What do you think of the judges, Steven?"

"Wow, I mean, you haven't seen the side of Jennifer [Lopez] that I've seen," Tyler said. "I knew it existed when I watched 'The Back-Up Plan' and I said I would only do it if she did, because I'd already met [Randy]," Tyler explained of seeing Lopez's romantic comedy. "And when I met him at lunch, after five minutes, I thought all the cameras in the world could be rolling so I knew I'd jump into this. But Jennifer, oh my God — look out."

Tyler went on to say that the upcoming slew of live shows don't make him nervous or worried in any way.

"I'm all right with it. I'm having a blast!" he said. "Don't forget I'm addicted to adrenaline: anything that scares me, I love it. I love it. I love blushing and being told I'm wrong."

What do you think of Steven Tyler's "Idol" judging skills so far? Tell us in the comments!

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