Justin Bieber Wax Figures Unveiled

Wax versions of Bieber land in NYC, London and Amsterdam.

NEW YORK — Justin Bieber's wax statues are here! Three statues were unveiled at Madame Tussauds wax museums around the world, in New York, Amsterdam and London. Bieber was on hand in London to catch a glimpse of his wax likeness. And, as promised, the statues feature Bieber's old, swooping hairstyle.

At the London unveiling, Bieber tweeted about how excited he was for the wax statues. "Arrived at @tussaudslondon to see my WAX figure!! the 1st time i saw a wax figure was in nyc and all we could do was look thru the glass," he wrote. "Now we are here in London and they r about to show my figure here and in amsterdam and in nyc at the one we looked thru the glass. #DREAMBIG."

Bieber's statue in New York is featured alongside his pal and mentor Usher in the VIP room. The NYC Bieber statue is wearing a black vest by will.i.am and pants by Balenciaga. The clothes were donated by Bieber himself. MTV News was on hand at the New York unveiling, where fans eagerly caught a glimpse of their idol's figurine.

So how accurate is the wax figure? "It's pretty good. I love Justin Bieber, and this is pretty hot," gushed Libby Walker, who said she also attended the Miley Cyrus wax-figure unveiling in 2008. "He cut his hair recently, so it's not exactly the same, but I like his hair. A lot of girls like it more with the hair flip. It's such an honor to be here to support him."

"I'm honored to be getting my own wax figures," Bieber previously said about joining fellow pop stars like Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers at Madame Tussauds. "To be immortalized in wax alongside some of my idols — Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyoncé and my mentor, Usher — is incredibly exciting and very cool."

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