'American Idol' Finalist Casey Abrams 'Feeling Really Good' After Hospitalization

Singer was released from hospital after receiving blood transfusions for ulcerative colitis.

Casey Abrams is back in the game. The "American Idol" front-runner, who missed out on Thursday's results show because he was hospitalized for a flare-up of ulcerative colitis, posted a message to fans on Monday announcing that he is feeling better and will be ready to go for Wednesday night's performance show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Abrams made the statements at an "Idol" panel on Monday at the 28th annual PaleyFest, where he took the stage along with eight of his fellow finalists (minors Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and Thia Megia were doing schoolwork). "I'm feeling really good," he said.

The 20-year-old Illinois singer reportedly received blood transfusions last week, during his second hospitalization of the season.

"I thought I was actually going to make it," he said about last Thursday's show, "but I had to stay behind. It was fun and everyone waved at me, and I felt really supported by everyone, and I loved watching."

Abrams also said he "hated" seeing Ashthon Jones go home on Thursday and was bummed to miss out on the first group performance of the finals. "It was awesome seeing the group performance ... [and] thank you, Stefano [Langone] and Haley [Reinhart], for taking my part."

Earlier this season, on February 23, Abrams was rushed to the ER after complaining about stomach pains and almost missed the subsequent taping of the top-12 men's performances, which potentially would have eliminated him from the competition before the finals.

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