Steve Carell's Final Episode Of 'The Office' Is 'Emotional, Funny'

'It sends Michael off in a good way,' director Paul Feig reveals to MTV News of bumbling Dunder Mifflin boss.

Ever since Steve Carell announced his plans to leave "The Office," his fans and fellow castmates have been lamenting the impending departure of Michael Scott, the bumbling Scranton, Pennsylvania-based boss Carell has made famous over the course of seven seasons.

But no matter how loud the protests or how many tears are shed, the end has come. According to frequent director Paul Feig, Carell and company filmed Michael Scott's last episode of "The Office" last week.

"It's exactly what you would want it to be," Feig told MTV News at the PaleyFest reunion event for his cult-favorite TV show, "Freaks and Geeks." "It's emotional, but it's funny. It's just a really nice mix and it sends Michael off in a good way. I'm thrilled with it," he added. "I think fans of the show will be really happy with it."

Speaking to that emotional aspect, Feig went on to say that there were plenty of tears shed on set.

"Half the time we were bawling and half the time we were trying not to laugh and ruin takes," he admitted, adding that the presence of Will Ferrell helped keep things from getting too weepy. "The hilarity index is up even higher," he said.

And judging from the reports we've received from castmembers, Ferrell is up to his old comedic tricks for his four-episode guest spot on "The Office."

"He's the nicest guy: just a sweetheart and so much fun," Rainn Wilson told MTV News recently. "He is the new manager that Michael Scott has brought in to replace him, but we kind of swiftly realize that that's a terrible idea. Terrible," Wilson said.