Jennifer Hudson Calls Her Son 'A Little Michael Jackson'

I Remember Me singer says David Daniel Otunga Jr. is 'very musical.'

As Jennifer Hudson readies the release of her new album, I Remember Me, she revealed that her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., got some musical DNA from his mama. When she spoke to MTV News last week, she explained that her little boy loves to rock out when he thinks she's not looking.

"He's very musical. He just loves music overall, and he's into it,"

she said. "I feel like I had a little Michael Jackson. He'd be in the backseat of the car, [moving] his little shoulder to anything that comes on the radio, and then I turn around like, 'What are you doing?'

And he laughs like, 'Ha! What, you didn't think I had that move?' "

David Jr. is not just keen to the tunes on the car stereo: His ears also perk up when he hears his Oscar- and Grammy-winning mother's voice on television and radio. "He knows mommy's voice," Hudson shared. "If my commercial is on, he'll walk out the room, 'That's my momma!' "

This August, her son will turn 2, and she said that for now, one baby is enough for her and her fiancé, pro wrestler David Otunga. "We'll see ... He's not even 2 yet," she said, laughing.

In an episode of "Behind the Music" that aired last year, Hudson opened up about becoming a mother, saying that her little boy reminds her of her nephew who was brutally murdered in 2008.

"In so many ways, I channel [my mother] because she was such a great mom," she said, adding that her son "makes me feel like the most special person on earth. I want him to get the same love and the same upbringing my mother gave us."