Diddy Doesn't Get 'Caught Up' In Forbes Hip-Hop List

'People think that I have that money actually sitting at home in the basement,' Diddy tells MTV News of topping 'wealthiest in hip-hop' list.

Everything Diddy touches turns to gold — or millions, in this case.

The mogul with the Midas touch has topped yet another list — but it isn't due to record sales for his new group Diddy-Dirty Money. Sean Combs tops Forbes' list of the wealthiest hip-hop entertainers, with his $475 million besting Roc Nation mogul Jay-Z by a mere $25 million.

Diddy spoke with MTV News about his inclusion on the list, flanked by his Dirty Money beauties, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper. "To be honest, on that list, I was on the cover of Forbes back in '98," Diddy said. "I been on that list. I don't really get caught up into the list. I think people think that I have that money actually sitting at home in the basement."

The figure, according to Forbes, includes current holdings and past earnings from public financial documents. Diddy confirmed that by humbly stating that, in order to have that manner of cash on hand, he would need to sell off all his companies and assets, something he takes great pride in.

"It's really like if I sold all my companies, and I take pride in [building] something as a black man that's worth that much," Diddy said, but he added a warning with a laugh: "To everyone calling me for a loan today, I do not have that money today!"

Diddy and Jay are definitely not at war over the top spot on Forbes' list. In fact, Diddy hopes people are motivated by their success.

"It helps inspire people and it shows the power of hip-hop," Diddy said.

Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Birdman round out the top five.

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