'Battle: Los Angeles' Stars Talk Real-Life Aliens

'If we do find aliens, they're probably not going to be as bright as us,' Michael Peña says.

The new alien-war movie "Battle: Los Angeles" explores a subject not at all unfamiliar in Hollywood: What if aliens existed and attacked us?

Despite the fact that the movie's plot is fictitious, we decided to ask the cast of the film to philosophize on whether they think life exists "out there" or not.

"It's such a big place, 'it,' " actor Michael Peña said, speaking of the universe as a whole. "We can't be the only people here. I don't think we can, or the only living organisms. But I think if we do find aliens, they're probably not going to be as bright as us.

"Every movie you see, they're amazing — they have high IQs," he added. "Nah, if they haven't found themselves to us, I think they're pretty dumb. I want them to be nice, but also just not as smart as us."

Co-star Bridget Moynahan agreed with Peña. "Certainly if they're going to come I hope they're not as aggressive as they are in this film."

Lead actor Aaron Eckhart, whose character, Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz, tries to help lead a Marine platoon in a successful attack of the alien invaders, said he doesn't worry about otherworldly invaders as much as the intimidating kind found in Hollywood.

"Studio executives, directors, they're out here to get me," he joked. "I don't worry about aliens so much, I worry about my car breaking down, whether my bike tires have air in them."

Eckhart went on to say that despite Hollywood frequently making aliens bad guys, he hopes that if they exist, they're not hostile.

"I'm a glass half-full [kind of guy]," he said. "Why not just party together, slap some steaks on the barbie and see how we're the same?"

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