More Britney Spears Femme Fatale Leaks Hit Net

Britney's new tracks 'Inside Out' and '(Drop Dead) Beautiful' have leaked online in full.

For fans who feel that the March 29 release date of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale is just too far away, well, it seems that more and more pieces of the album are hitting the Web before the hotly anticipated recording is scheduled to reach stores.

Leaks and longer snippets have been popping up all over the place and they paint a picture of what Femme Fatale will sound like. So far, fans are seeing that Spears is ready to dance on the new album.

With tracks like "Gasoline," the "Big Fat Bass" and the empowering "I Wanna Go" all getting the teaser treatment in more extended ways, it's clear that Spears and her producers, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, have compiled a cohesive mix of party tracks.

And now Spears' collaboration with up-and-coming MC Sabi, "(Drop Dead) Beautiful," has hit the Net in full. The jam is a spacey, sexy track about a hot dude who Spears is lusting after. Her vocals are deep and sultry as she sings lines like, "And, yeah, your body looks so sick, I think I caught the flu" and "You must be B.I.G. 'cause you got me hypnotized."

Sabi jumps in midway through the song for a quick appearance, spitting lines like, "I think I like you/ Boy, boy, look at you/ I want to get next to you/ Got me kind of hot/ But I ain't sweating you/ Steamy like a pot full of vegetables."

The full version of the mid-tempo breakup track "Inside Out" also has popped up on the Web. On the loopy tune, Spears coos about the only boy "who ever drove me crazy/ 'cause you know me inside out." And one of the song's lines will certainly have Britney fans going bananas, as the singer references "... Baby One More Time" when she proclaims on the chorus, "Hit me one more time/ It's so amazing."

This is hardly the first time that Spears has encountered song leaks in the amp-up to an album release. Over the course of her career, tracks like her versions of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" and the Circus singles "Womanizer" and "If U Seek Amy" found their way online long before the respective LPs saw light of day.

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