'Jersey Shore' Star Sammi Reveals Her 'American Idol' Favorite

It's all about Casey Abrams: 'I love him — his attitude, his charisma,' closet 'Idol' fans says on 'Idol Party Live.'

"Idol Party Live" took a trip to the Jersey Shore on Thursday (March 10), when Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola stopped by to chat with MTV News "American Idol" expert Jim Cantiello.

Who knew Sammi was a closet "Idol" fan? "I think I just really like watching it this time around because there's so many amazing singers," she said. "Everyone's unique in their own way and brings their own flair to the show."

We had to find out who the reality-TV star is rooting for this season, and she had to praise her #1 guy: Casey Abrams.

"I love him — his attitude, his charisma, he's funny, he brings something new every week," she gushed. "I just like his style. I get chills. Whenever I get chills when I watch 'American Idol,' I know I love somebody."

In honor of Sammi's "Jersey Shore" catchphrase — "I'm done" — we played a round of "Done or Fun" with the "Idol" contestants. So who did Sam find fun, and who was she over?

She gave a thumbs-up to Casey (of course) and also Stefano Langone, James Durbin and Thia Megia, but it wasn't sunshine and rainbows all around.

While Sammi thinks Jacob Lusk is "fabulous, don't get me wrong," she "didn't like his song choice." But she isn't quite "done" with him yet: "Let's put him as a maybe."

Lauren Alaina, on the other hand, has been completely written off by the "Jersey Shore" starlet. "I think she's so cute, but I think she's still young and has a long way to come to progress," she explained. "Maybe I'm just done because she's up against these other amazing singers."

We had to slip in a few "Shore" questions, and Cantiello brought up Sam's recent Ronnie dis when she told her ex he looked "pale." This prompted recent "Idol" castoff Rachel Zevita, also an "Idol Party Live" guest, to wonder: "If he's pale, what would I look like in that house?"

"We'll give you a spray tan before you come to the house," Sammi promised.

Are you surprised Sammi is such an "Idol" fan? Let us know in the comments!

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