Nicki Minaj 'Letting It All Hang Out' On 'Super Bass' Video Set

Young Money diva calls latest clip 'playful' and 'sexy.'

While [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] is supposedly on a recording hiatus, that isn't stopping the chart-topping rap diva from creating steamy visuals for a track featured on the deluxe edition of her platinum-selling debut, Pink Friday. MTV News caught up with the fashion-forward diva on the set of her new video for "Super Bass."

Dazzling in a skintight pink bodysuit emblazoned with giraffe prints, Nicki completed the look with a half-blond and half-pink wig, gold eye shadow and bright pink lipstick matching the outfit. Nicki revealed the theme behind the song during a break in shooting.

" 'Super Bass' is about the boy that you are crushing over," Nicki said. "And you kind of want to get your mack on, but you're taking the playful approach."

Gyrating atop a crystal-clear motorcycle, Nicki is clearly upping the sex appeal. The Young Money diva explained the focus behind the video: "I just wanted to do something real colorful and cutesy. This is an icy world, it's a sexy world, it's a playful world. Of course I have lots of eye candy for my girls and my boys," she teased.

The teasing doesn't stop there. "We have a lot of little surprises in store for this particular video," Nicki promised. "I would like to put out 50 videos. The videos really tell the story a lot more elaborately than just the song does."

Nicki also talked about her smash hit "Moment 4 Life" and its incredible staying power. "It's been #1 on the rap Billboard charts and then it's been #1 on the R&B and hip-hop charts," marveled the 26-year-old starlet. Pink Friday continues to break records as well, with the album achieving a milestone of the most consecutive weeks in the top 10 by a female rapper.

The hip-hop beauty summed up neatly her approach to the video in a few brief words. "I felt like 'Moment 4 Life' was like letting my hair down, but 'Super Bass' is letting it all hang out," Nicki said with a playful chuckle.

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