Big Sean Talks Tapping 'Homey' Chris Brown For 'My Last' Single

'He's really my homey, outside of this music thing,' G.O.O.D. Music signee tells MTV News of duo joining forces.

Big Sean might be rolling with Kanye West and the Rosewood movement these days, but the G.O.O.D. Music upstart's Detroit sensibility still has him grounded.

On his first single, "My Last," Sean does it up big, but the Motor City rapper does it responsibly.

"The song itself is a real great party song, but I always try to stress the point that we worked for this party," Big Sean told MTV News from the song's West Hollywood, California, video set. " 'Cause I like to keep the relatable sense of working toward something, that's my whole movement. We put 'finally' in front of famous, 'cause we worked hard for it."

The XXL magazine "Freshmen 10" alum was referring to his debut album, Finally Famous, which is due in May. The project is the first from the Kanye West protégé and the anticipated set features Chris Brown, who joins Big Sean on "My Last."

Originally, Sean performed the verses and the chorus but after Brown turned up at one of the rapper's shows, the pair hit it off and the R&B singer suggested the two work together on new material.

"He heard ['My Last'] and started singing it," Sean recalled. "And, of course, he sounded way better than me. And he's really my homey, outside of this music thing he's really one of the true G's in the game."

Last year, Big Sean wrapped up his popular mixtape series with Finally Famous, Vol.3 and decided to keep the theme for his debut.

"The twists and turns I had to go through, unbelievable, man," Sean admitted to us. "I've seen and [gone] from doing shows in Detroit and getting booed to people just looking to a couple people knowing the words to doing sold-out shows with thousands and thousands of people just knowing [my songs]. And it [comes from] years of grinding, man."

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