'American Idol' Top 13 Talk About Their Fan Nicknames

Durbinators, K-Rod, Sweet P and the Lusketeers are some of the fan monikers mentioned by the 'Idol' finalists.

Over the years, "American Idol" fans have bonded together to support their favorite singers under a variety of banners. We've had everything from the Claymates (Clay Aiken), the Bice Squad (Bo Bice) and the CareBears (Carrie Underwood) to the Dianamites (Diana DeGarmo), the Park Rangers (John Park) and, of course, the Glamberts/Lambertinis (Adam Lambert).

So, at last week's


Idol" party following the announcement of Season 10's top 13, we asked some of this year's finalists what they thought their fans should call them?

Jennifer Lopez favorite Karen Rodriguez said she hadn't thought about it much, but now that we mentioned it, she's been hearing a lot about a nickname that has a sports-themed ring to it. "I've been getting a lot of 'K-Rods,' like, 'oh, that's K-Rod.' That's kind of cute," she said. Considering that you've already got a judge named J.Lo, Rodriguez admitted that K-Rod sounded pretty good to her.

Resident bearded heartthrob Casey Abrams said he hadn't heard any good ones yet, but joked that the "Abramonics" might have a nice ring to it. Pia Toscano was more confident, saying her fan name is "Sweet P,"

while Naima Adedapo liked the sound of "the Exotic Flowers," given her love of all things floral.

Jacob Lusk was also very confident that he's got a great alias in the

bag: "The Lusketeers," he said enthusiastically. In addition, the gospel belter revealed that his former roommate Tim Halperin had an interesting suggestion. "He came up with 'Are you Lusking? Don't Lusk?," Jacob added.

Haley Reinhart seemed less sure of her fan-club moniker, sheepishly suggesting "the Throwbackers" or "the Laid Backers" or "the Good Vibers." In keeping with his confident onstage demeanor, country teen Scotty McCreery said he's seen a couple of good fan-picked nicknames online, including his favorites — "Scotty's Hotties" and "the Scotty Macs."

"Who knows?" he continued. "They can call themselves whatever they want to."

Paul McDonald and Thia Megia said it was up to the fans to decide, while Stefano Langone revealed that his pre-"Idol" nickname was "FanoGone," a combination of the last four letters of his first and last names. "They can work with it," he suggested. "FanoGones, the FanoFans? Something."

It should be no surprise that James Durbin's followers have come up with their own names for him, considering his vocal resemblance to "Idol" sensation Lambert. Durbin reported that his people have already started making banners, posters and logos with their handle of choice.

"They are the Durbinators of Durbination," he declared with authority.

What are your pet nicknames for this year's "Idol" finalists? Let us know and we'll compile a list.

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