Jay Electronica Drops Cryptic Album Update Via Video

In new clip, MC announces aboard a plane, 'Love is the only thing that can save us all,' before landing in South Africa.

[artist id="3674369"]Jay Electronica[/artist] is still working on his own timetable.

The enigmatic, lyrically gifted MC signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation last November, but besides a couple of songs ("The Announcement" and "Shiny Suit Theory") and a Mountain Dew commercial, little has been heard from Jay Electronica.

But this week, fans got a glimpse at what he's been up to and a preview of what's in store for his debut album thanks to a video the Internet-savvy artist uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, titled "The Making of Act II."

The clip begins with footage of Jay aboard an airplane announcing, "Ladies and gentlemen, love is the only thing that can save us all," to the seated passengers. More footage then reveals that Electronica is on the way to and has arrived in South Africa, where he has been recording his Roc Nation debut.

Electronica isn't actually seen in the video very much at all. Instead, it focuses on singer LaTonya Givens (also known as Tone Trezure) recording soulful vocals over a lush, guitar-driven instrumental. "I'm just blessed to be chosen to be a part of this amazing movement that's about to go down," Givens says at the video's conclusion. Also seen are the Bullitts, a U.K. band helmed by producer Jeymes Samuel (the Gorillaz, KT Tunstall) that Electronica has also worked with in the past.

To say that Electronica's project is highly anticipated is an understatement. After building a deafening Internet buzz that was only bolstered by the late-2009, Just Blaze-produced heater "Exhibit C," Jay-Z signed him to Roc Nation, saying Electronica would "reintroduce magic to hip-hop."