Julie Taymor Reportedly Leaving 'Spider-Man' Musical

Troubled Broadway show will be temporarily shut down, according to reports.

Julie Taymor is reportedly leaving the production of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" after five delays, various cast injuries and labor violations.

Rumors of Taymor's departure swirled around the Internet Tuesday after sources talked to the New York Times. Now New York 1 news is stating that insiders have confirmed that the director is officially leaving the production. As a result, the musical might have to shut down for a short time in order to find a new person to take the helm.

The New York Daily News ran a similar report, saying that Taymor had walked away from the project. One of the paper's sources said that the producers would continue to do whatever it takes to get a good show out of "Turn Off the Dark."

The representative for the musical told MTV News that they were not commenting on these reports at this time.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" just had its 99th preview performance, making it the longest-running preview period for a show in Broadway history. With Taymor leaving, the sources told NY1 that the official opening date would likely be pushed back again from March 15 to sometime in June, making it ineligible for this year's Tony Awards.

Taymor recently spoke out about her problems in production while at the 2011 TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference. She said that perfecting the show is "right there in the palm of my hands" and that her plan was to "stay there going forward and you see this extraordinary thing right in front of your eyes."

Several major New York news outlets decided to run reviews last month to honor the intended February 7 opening date. The musical was panned, with the critics taking issue with just about every major element of the show, from its script to the music to the lack of magic that the show creates. This led to more writers reportedly coming in and overhauling the script, though actress T.V. Carpio denied those rumors to MTV News.

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