'Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham Calls Music Career 'Unreal'

Graham tells MTV News she hopes to focus on music and acting.

Kat Graham plays Bonnie the witch on "Vampire Diaries," and week after week, she is torn between her innate hatred for vampires and her love for bestie Elena (who happens to be in love with a vamp). Now, Graham is hoping to conjure up some magic in the pop world with her debut album, which she is currently working on, and the new track "I Want It All."

"I've been recording since I was 14, but the song really came to manifestation this year. I really found my sound," a pleather-catsuit-clad Graham told MTV News on the set of the video. "One of my 2011 resolutions was to do my own music and do my own album. I've been working on that, and it's been going great and it's, like, 90 perfect done."

That 90 percent includes the new single, a spacey dance track about female empowerment. The song's rap-singing brings to mind Ke$ha, while the bombastic chorus is reminiscent of Katy Perry.

"There's a few songs that we really want. 'I Want It All' was such a big song for us when we recorded it. I recorded it last year, and then [producer] J. R. Rotem came in and did his thing to it, and now seeing this whole thing happen, it's unreal for me," she said about the song, adding that fans should expect a full Kat Graham album sometime this year.

"I want it to be summer, but I'm thinking maybe fall," she teased. "I want to give enough time to really promote this song. Most people know me from 'Vampire Diaries,' so I have to really focus on that. We're done [shooting] in April, so once that's done, I can totally move forward."

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