Selena Gomez Debuts New Song, 'Who Says'

The Empowering new track premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday.

Top 40 has a new empowerment anthem courtesy of Selena Gomez and her band, the Scene. On Tuesday (March 8), the teen star debuted her new track, "Who Says," during a visit to Ryan Seacrest's radio show. The jangly pop tune is all about embracing who you are and not letting your critics get you down. The single will be featured on Gomez's still-untitled June album release — the third for the singer and the band.

"You made me insecure/ Told me I wasn't good enough/ But who are you to judge/ When you're a diamond in the rough," Gomez sings on the song's first verse. "I'm sure you got some things/ You'd like to change about yourself/ But when it comes to me/ I wouldn't want to be anybody else."

The chorus then continues with the track's overarching feel-good vibe, as Gomez croons, "Who says/ Who says you're not perfect/ Who says you're not worth it/ Who says you're the only one that's hurting/ Trust me/ That's the price of beauty/ Who says you're not pretty/ Who says you're not beautiful/ Who says."

"Who Says" is a departure from the last few tunes that Gomez has released. Her previous singles "A Year Without Rain," "Round and Round" and "Naturally" have been in the vein of club jams, whereas the new song has a more organic, acoustic vibe to it. The video for the song will premiere this week as well. The Chris Applebaum-directed clip will debut on the Disney Channel on Friday, the same day the track will be available for purchase.

A message posted on


target="_blank">Gomez's Twitter page on Tuesday reads, "Here it is! The world premiere of @SelenaGomez's new single 'Who Says,' " and includes a link to Seacrest's Facebook page that features a streaming version of the tune.

Gomez's last album, A Year Without Rain, dropped in September 2010 and the singer told MTV News then that her fans had inspired the feel of that record. "[I named the album after my single] because it's the name of the first song I recorded to put on the record. I feel like that song has a lot of meaning, and it also kind of was the start of what I wanted to base all the other songs around," she explained. "I mean, even down from putting the track listing and numbering it, I wanted to make sure I envisioned [fans] putting it in their car or putting it on their iPod and how I wanted them to listen to the record."