Charlie Sheen Approves Of 'SNL' Impression, Bill Hader Says

'Charlie reacted to it and really liked it,' comedian tells MTV News.

Impersonating anyone on "Saturday Night Live" is a science and an art, and Bill Hader's #winning take on embattled actor Charlie Sheen on this week's show (hosted by Miley Cyrus) was a spot-on impression. It was so accurate that the star himself loved Hader's take on his over-the-top persona.

"He liked it," Hader told MTV News while promoting his movie "Paul" on Monday (March 7) in New York. "Charlie reacted to it and really liked it and I never met him before, so that's good."

The idea for the sketch, which parodied Sheen's recent media rants about tiger blood and goddesses, among other things, was the brainchild of several of the show's writers, and Hader said that by the time it aired on Saturday night, they had to make sure they found a fresh approach into the meme.

"Colin Jost and Seth Myers and John Mulaney wrote that sketch, and ... it was smart in the way that I never felt like it was hard to get the voice down, but his attitude that he's owning this and that you should own it to all these other people was really smart," he said of Sheen's fake talk show "Duh! Winning!," which featured fellow lightning rods Moammar Gadhafi and John Galliano. "It was an interesting ... smart take on it. It all happened so fast."

Hader admitted that, if they hadn't gone there, everyone would have wondered why. "That was the interesting thing about doing it on 'SNL.' It's like a full week of other people doing it and doing it well, so it's always kind of like, 'What haven't they done?' " he said. "Even if you don't do it, then people are like, 'Why didn't you do it?' I thought they did a great job."

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