Miley Cyrus Was 'Up For Anything' On 'SNL,' Kristen Wiig Says

'That's always, to me, what makes a host fun to have around,' she tells MTV News.

If Miley Cyrus seemed loose hosting "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, it's because she was.

"SNL" castmember Kristen Wiig tells MTV News the teen queen was not only a blast to have on the set, but also didn't seem to suffer from any anxiety about doing live TV.

"Yes, Miley [was fun to work with]," Wiig said while in New York on Monday (March 7) doing press for her alien-comedy flick, "Paul." "She's cool. It was really, really fun."

Guest host Miley poked fun at her own infamous bong video controversy, as well as at Justin Bieber — whom she played alongside Vanessa Bayer, who just so happens to play Cyrus on the "SNL" skit "The Miley Cyrus Show." Cyrus even went for Lindsay Lohan and Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie. And it was Cyrus' willingness to have a little fun at her own expense that made her the perfect host, according to Wiig.

"Yeah, she was great," the actress said. "She was up for anything. That's always, to me, what makes a host fun to have around. They'll make fun of themselves or how the media perceives them. She was up for anything, which was so great."

In addition to the performance by the Strokes, some of the night's other highlights included Miley's musical number "I'm Sorry I'm Not Perfect" and "Disney Channel Acting School," where Miley and fellow Disney star Raven Symoné (played by Kenan Thompson) taught such subjects such as "Reacting to Stinky Feet" and "Spying in a Doorway," required skills for any actor on a Disney series.

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